Xiaomi phones at Telekom Montenegro!

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Not so far from us, on the Balkan Peninsula In Montenegro, the Telekom has decided to add three Xiaomi phones to its range. These are the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Xiaomi Mi A1 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A.

The Mi A1 can be purchased on a 24-month instalment plan for €11.90/month, or from €1 to €199 depending on the package chosen. The Redmi Note 5A ranges from €1 to €69, depending on the package and contract duration selected. If you pay in instalments, the price is EUR 5.90 for 24 months. Finally, the Mi MIX 2 is EUR 25 for 24 months, or between EUR 1 and EUR 499, depending on the package selected.

Can we take this move as a sign, or is it just the independent state telecoms thinking of riding the brand and relying on the growing familiarity to try and get in? Not likely... the Balkan member of the Telekom group has launched not one but 3 Xiaomi phones and they are taking it seriously. Let's hope that Telekom's home company finally realises that this brand can stand up to Samsung, LG, Apple and Huawei, and even more!

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  1. Voda telekom not small companies
    No more unsellable phones in shop windows
    We are talking about over 100 million customers
    3 options
    1 iphone is no small buck on sale
    2 samsung
    Detto little less than iphone
    3 grandma phones
    The list is closed