Xiaomi MiJia sonic toothbrush - Presentation and test

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Oral hygiene is important for everyone, because not only are clean and white teeth a beautiful sight, they also have a big impact on our breath and can be very embarrassing when we get into close conversations. To achieve this, manufacturers offer a wide range of options, some favour analogue, others electric. Xiaomi offers both, and more than one of the electric toothbrushes. Its latest toothbrush is made by its subsidiary MiJia and achieves the most effective cleaning not by oscillating movement but by sonic vibration.

The packaging of the Xiaomi MiJia Sonic Toothbrush is familiar, as almost everything is already packed in a hard cardboard box, strong and durable, nothing will be damaged in transit, that's for sure.

Open it up and you'll find the central unit of the toothbrush, with the accessories box under a small door to the right.

The accessories that come with the main unit only include the essentials, a USB charger (no power supply), a piece of head, extra coloured hoop, protective cover and a description.

Unfortunately, the description is in Chinese, but it is illustrated with pictures, so you can still understand the first steps. On the first page, the QR code helps you install the Mi Home app on your phone, which you can use to control and set up your toothbrush.

The induction charger can be plugged into any USB charger, PC or laptop, it does not require a high charging current. The charger and the toothbrush are IPX7 rated, so it's fine if you drop or splash it in the water, it's waterproof up to 1 metre, so you can wash it under the tap and no harm will come to either.

Coloured rings are used to distinguish toothbrushes if there are several in the family. It is true that there are only three colours, so in a family of four you will have to find some other way of distinguishing them. E.g.: silicone beauty ring, true, these were invented for E-cigs, but the Hungarian man is ingenious:

The cap is used to protect the head of the connector, so that it does not get damaged during transport, as the head will not fit securely.

The head itself comes in an airtight, sterile packaging with a small bristle guard to protect it from getting dirty between brushings, even when travelling. Currently, this is the only type of head available, and in addition to the packaged one, you can buy a trio of heads for around 4,000 HUF. It's advisable to change the heads every 3 months, the app will remind you of this, they will wear out in 90 days of average use. When the head is placed on the device, there will be a small gap, which is natural, so don't be surprised.

The soul of the toothbrush. Built-in 700 mAh lithium-ion battery (approx. 12 hours of continuous operation), Bluetooth 4.0, high-efficiency levitation motor, up to 31,000 vibrations/min. Silicone covered, button is completely secure, you can't just push it away, you have to press hard enough to switch between functions. There is only one way to attach the head, the bristle must face the button, otherwise it will not go up. Do not force it!

There are 4 small pictograms on the front of the central unit, from left to right: strong vibration, weaker vibration, individual vibration, battery/BT. Only for those with strong nerves! :) The weaker one is more pleasant, but less effective in the same time. The heart shaped is the individual setting, you can customize it in the toothbrush app. E.g. toothpaste shedding protection, wash time, wash mode, or as an extra you can switch 30mp extra whitening, 30mp soft massage, 10s tongue cleaning. The battery colour can be several, if it flashes blue it means BT connection is active, if cyan it is on steady it is 100%, if cyan it is between 100-60%, if orange yellow it is between 60-20% and red it flashes when the battery is below 20%.

Let's start using our toothbrush, it's true that you don't necessarily need an app to use it, but it can be very useful. It can help you keep track of your head change, tell you the battery status and, if you want to be really thorough, it can even tell you if you've brushed your teeth properly or if you've covered them up. Download (Play store) and open the Mi Home app, if you don't have a Mi Account, make one (http://account.xiaomi.com). Let's set the region to Europe, if you have more than one device and a Chinese region, the toothbrush app will be Chinese and once it's updated, and it's already updated, you won't be able to connect to it from home. Press Add Device.

If the search is successful, it will list the toothbrush for us and we can move on, but if not, we can pair it by pressing the + Add button at the bottom of the list!

Once you've found your toothbrush, the app prompts you to press the button for at least 3 seconds to pair it, and once you've successfully paired it, the app updates the toothbrush to measure and inform you as accurately as possible.

In the following, the app will guide you through the main things to know, set up and configure.

When you're done, you'll be greeted by the home page, where you can track your brushing, head replacement interval, battery charge and tap the heart icon at the bottom right to set the custom option mentioned above.

Here you can set the toothpaste shedding protection, wash time, wash mode, or optionally switch to 30sec extra whitening, 30sec soft massage and 10sec tongue cleaning.

Tapping on the three dots in the top right corner of the main page will take you to the settings. Here you can read through the tutorial for beginners again, Quick Start

Read more about Physiological advice, FAQs, Names. You can set your toothbrush name, share it with family and friends, update your toothbrush software and delete it from the Mi Home app.

When you're done with everything, you can go brush your teeth. During and after brushing, you can read the data from the toothbrush by swiping down the main screen to see the results of the operation.

At first you may not have fully achieved a thorough brushing, but later you will learn from the instructions how to clean your teeth professionally and achieve the best results.

Speaking of brushing your teeth. I have to be honest, at first the vibration was awfully weird and irritating. The strongest setting was horrible, almost painful, my whole skull was shaking and my gums are not used to that kind of movement. I mostly cultivate Oral-B products, they have both smooth and oscillating toothbrushes in their repertoire. I'm getting quite comfortable with the softer grade, but it must be me and I couldn't stand it for more than 1 minute. Then came the custom settings, massage settings, etc. At this point, the toothbrush was more friendly to use, but still not the real thing. However, to put a good word in it, the head is just the right size to fit between the mouth and the teeth, even the back teeth. The bristles are durable enough, hard enough, but not so hard that they damage the gums. You don't have to press it against the tooth as much as you would a regular toothbrush, the vibration takes care of everything for you. The width of the bristles may seem small, but with a little skill you can learn to use them perfectly.

To sum up, the new sonic Xiaomi toothbrush is one of the best, especially at this price compared to the competition. For those who have used one and like it, it's a must-have. And for those who want to polish their dental hygiene to perfection, it will be the perfect companion to keep your mouth hygienic.

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