Xiaomi MiJia Roborock 2 - The robot vacuum cleaner attack - Part 1

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Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners have come such an incredible way, not because of the China - Hungary distance, but because of their popularity. The first generation vacuum cleaner has become so popular in Hungary that it even got a Hungarian dub, which you can read more about in the Hungarian forum you can read. The second-generation vacuum cleaner, a little more efficient but more expensive, does a little more than its predecessor, but still has the price and performance to rival the world's leading household brands. And now the third generation, a cheapened, slightly watered-down version, but it's still worth sticking with the Xiaomi brand, because we know you can't find this quality at this price...

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, let's get to know the Xiaomi Mijia Roborock 2 smart robot vacuum cleaner, or Roborock S50 as it's also called. There's a bit of confusion around the type that turned up in our case, the Roborock S502-00. On the manufacturer's website it's just plain Roborock S5... what waaaan?

You'll see and hear the introduction of the vacuum cleaner in several smaller videos, there was so much material that we didn't dare to post it all in one (it was almost an hour). So you'll get to see it in 3-4 parts, of which we'll unpack and explain a bit about the vacuum cleaner and accessories in the first part above. In the next video we'll show you the detailed maintenance and cleaning, followed by a demonstration of the Mi Home app. In the last one, we'll show you how it works, its advantages and its faults. (In the meantime, we'll also show you the coffee machine! :) )

Have fun!

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