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A new Xiaomi product has been launched on the social financing platform. The product is designed for hygiene purposes. A Xiaomi Mijia Auto Foaming is an intelligent and automatic soap dispenser, as the name suggests. This product is already available in France, a famous brand of cleaning product. Xiaomi saw more potential in it, so it has improved it.
Let's see what the Xiaomi Mijia Auto Foaming Hand Wash Device.

Xiaomi Mijia Auto Foaming Hand Wash

This product is a smart soap dispenser. Thanks to its sensor on the top, it detects hand movements instantly. So, as soon as you hold your hand out, it releases a bar of soap into your palm so you can wash your hands without touching them. It's very reactive, because it takes 0.25 seconds to react and the soap is ready. It is very economical as it converts liquid soap into foam. The housing is made of ABS white plastic, which is very resistant (IPX3). It is resistant to water that may come into contact with it vertically. It has an internal battery, so it is cannot be cleaned in water!

Inside there is a "soap block" that can be replaced with a refill, sold separately. The soap is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and natural. It is gentle on our skin and does not dry out our hands. Its small size allows it to be easily placed next to a toilet block, measuring 100 x 65 x 205 mm and weighing 250 grams. The Xiaomi Mijia Auto Foaming Hand Wash is ideal for children who are already cleaning themselves. It will soon be available for 99 yuan or about €12.

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