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12 January 2018 - Xiaomi has unveiled a new temperature and humidity meter with E-ink display. The product is manufactured by Xiaomi's partner with the bird logo "Seconds", but is expected to be marketed under the MiJia brand.
The price, which was very reasonable at the time of announcement at just $7.5, is expected to rise in online shops, but more on that later. The official name is Xiaomi Mi Hygrothermograph uses an E-ink (electronic ink) display, which can read information from all angles thanks to its infinite viewing angle.

Mi's temperature and humidity gauge uses 6 types of easy-to-read icons (with facial expressions) to quickly and clearly inform you of changes in your environment and comfort.







Thanks to the magnetic base, it can be used as a fixed table or fixed to the wall.
The Higrometer is expected to be available at the end of January. Currently it is available on Aliexpress for $17.91 (approx. 4550 Ft). We hope that the price will drop and we will be able to buy it in our local stores soon.

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