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Xiaomi announced the Mi Note 3 on 11 September. We have also presented the device in detail here. The phablet is already available for purchase, so it's not surprising that it has already been taken apart. Below you can see the components of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 by unit. These photos are not to help you make a purchase today, they are just an illustration of what a newly unveiled smartphone is made of.

The Mi Note 3 is a larger version of the Mi 6. Xiaomi has used exactly the same design on the outside of both models, and much of the hardware is the same. For example, the dual camera unit, the 3D glass cover , the location and type of the front fingerprint sensor are the same on both Xiaomi models. Internal components are placed in the same way in the Mi Note 3 as in the Mi 6. The difference is that the Note 3 has an upper-mid-range Snapdragon 660 processor, while the Mi 6 has an SD 835. The SD 660 uses a 14 nm FinFet process, making it larger than the 10 nanometer Snapdragon 835 chip. You can also see in the pictures that the Mi Note 3 also uses Xiaomi's own solution, the three-stage design, so it's easier to disassemble.

To do before the operation:

Switch off the device

Disassembly starts by removing the SIM card tray.

The back cover is then removed (after heating with a hot air gun) with a suction cup, and then carefully removed with a flat tool (e.g. a pick). An easy task for those with a little technical skill.

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