Will Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 back be metal or ceramic?

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Last week, Mi Mix creator Philippe Starck released a concept video on his Facebook page showing off the incredible design of the Mi Mix 2. The video has become incredibly popular, with over 115,000 views and growing interest in full-screen phones. Since then, many things have leaked out, some of which are true, some of which are just rumours, but now something tangible has hit the net. A picture of the back of the Mi Mix 2.

The authenticity of the picture cannot be verified, so we can only doubt that this is the back of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. But let's play with the idea. This back could be a phablet, or even a Mi Mix 2 phone, as it looks very similar to its predecessor. The two slots below each other are for the camera and fingerprint, with a longer, double flash next to it. But if the Mix 2 is going to have a dual camera, the bottom one may not be the fingerprint reader. So where will that be? Maybe they have solved the integration into the screen? Or will it not be included, but instead 3D facial recognition will prevent intrusion into the phone? We cannot tell from the picture, so we can only guess.

From the picture, the back is bright white, which suggests that it is made of ceramic. But the screw locations on either side of the USB connector contradict this, because the two cannot be done together, and neither was on the Mix. If there is a screw location, it is either plastic, which is out of the question for the Mix 2, or metal. However, there are rumours that the Mix 2 will have a mixed use of materials. This, in turn, will set back production.

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