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Xiaomi has already built up quite a reputation for developing a diverse range of products, both its own and from other manufacturers, to meet most needs. The number of smart home devices in its largest product range is growing rapidly, with countless add-ons to increase convenience and security. Today, a new, unique night-time with lamp which has a motion sensor so it only lights up when you walk in front of it.

Xiaomi Mi indukciós éjszakai lámpa mozgásérzékelővel jön ma!

The purpose of the lamp is to make sure that, for night-time emergencies, it doesn't disturb other sleeping family members and provides enough light to get the job done. The lamp, known as our induction night light, works, as the name suggests, with an induction sensor. Using dual induction technology, light and human body are switched on when motion is detected. The lamp has a very simple design, is white in colour, can be hung on a wall or mounted on the ceiling, has a 120° angle of view to detect movement within a range of 5 to 7 metres, has adjustable brightness and remains on for 15 seconds if no movement is detected.

Xiaomi Mi indukciós éjszakai lámpa mozgásérzékelővel jön ma!

The Mi Induction Night Light is available from today at MiJia Mi Home for the "peppery" price of 49 Yuan, the 7$.

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