Xiaomi Mi electric kettle - simplicity, quality

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Xiaomi recently announced the new electric kettle for its sub-brand MiJia. The excellent build quality and materials used ensure a long service life. Its predecessor, the MiJia Smart Temperature Control Kettle has been very popular in China and in online shops. The successor does not have Bluetooth connectivity, so it can be seen as a simpler and cheaper version rather than a direct successor.

The inside is made of stainless steel (type 304, ideal for kitchen and household utensils). It is corrosion resistant and has an antibacterial coating. The outer casing is made of plastic. Thanks to the construction and the materials used, thermal insulation is very effective. While the water inside is at boiling point, the outer casing is at a temperature of about 40oC.

The thermostat is made by the famous British company STRIX, the world's No.1 kettle manufacturer. Therefore, Mi smart kettle guarantees a long lifetime (about 10.000 uses)

The kettle lid opens at 30 and 75 degrees, making it convenient to clean and fill with water. A special LED indicator shows the status of the operation.
Capacity 1.5L, power 1800W. Dimensions 216 × 152 × 252mm.

The power supply plug is well designed, with level 3 protection. It is of course an Asian standard, which can be used in Europe with a converter.

Our electric kettle is an inexpensive but quality model that is indispensable in cold autumn or winter weather for a hot cup of tea.

Being a new model, pricing is even less friendly now.
At the time of writing, I found a price of around 11.300 Ft for the Banggood range.
However, its predecessor (the smart Bluetooth version) is now On Gearbest special offer (12.150 Ft)
When you consider how much a more branded item costs here at home, this price is not much. Obviously not in the same category as the hypermarkets' own brand products, which last 1-2 years on average (personal experience).

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