Xiaomi Mi A1 Oreo update failed again!

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Last year, at the launch of the Xiaomi Mi A1, fans were promised that the firstborn child of Android One would receive Oreo update in 2017. And so it was. But then the complaints came, up they came have suspended the update. Then came the repair package and the problems came again.

Not only has Android Oreo arrived, but it also includes the January security patch and fixes bugs from the last two versions. Unfortunately, this update also contains bugs, including an unexpected excessive battery drain that affects many people.

Since the last update, there have been a lot of complaints in forums, facebook groups, the above picture is from the Indian forum, but for now, due to the small number of users and the warnings, these bugs are negligible, luckily everyone here will ask first.

It's simply incomprehensible that they can't do an important system update for such a high-profile device, and there's a big enough testing team, it was a shame to rush it.

There were also reports of freezes, reboots and warm-up problems during calls. We haven't received an official announcement from Xiaomi about the problems or the fix yet, but if you haven't updated yet, don't!

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