Xiaomi Mi A1 received a new Android Oreo update, bugs fixed

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Xiaomi Mi A1 owners always get the latest Android system in the Google Android One family. Late last year, the first Android 8 update was released to select users, but it wasn't a big success due to a bug pile. Many people complained about fast battery drain, unexpected crashes and freezes, reboots, lack of HD SIM notifications, automatic brightness adjustment and more... Xiaomi and Google proudly announced at the launch of the phone that it would receive the update in 2017. They were a bit overconfident. Well, they had to wait 15 days for the fix, and the mere mortal had no idea how to get back to a flawless system, and they were sucking their teeth. So in the patch released yesterday, all the problems were fixed!

Plus they updated the Android security bug fix package to January 2018, as the previous one was December 2017. Red dot. Those who haven't yet switched to Oreo will need to download the full package, which is 1112.4 MB, to get everything nicely in place, but for those who had the ominous first update on top, just download an 89 MB update package and everything will be fine.

So, if you haven't dared to upgrade yet, you're right to do so, but now you can go ahead and enjoy the benefits of the new Android 8 Oreo! Go for it!

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