Xiaomi I8 quartz watch - Everyday analogue elegance

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Xiaomi has found a new partner to sell its product under its own brand.
To be clear, this is not a smartwatch, it is not equipped with any Mi Band or Amazfit Pace level of smartness.
This is a classic yet elegant quartz clock with a minimalist design.

The I8 quartz watch very thin (6.2 mm), with a two-point design and a 316L stainless steel strap. Special configuration sapphire glassand original imported Citizen quartz mechanics to guarantee premium quality.

The I8 manufacturer offers a watch for both sexes. The men's version has a wrist size of 42mm and weighs 60g. The ladies version has a wrist size of 36mm and weighs 50g.
The quartz watch battery lasts up to 5 years, so we will be a rare guest at the watchmaker's.

There is still huge potential in the production of quality traditional watches. Not to mention the huge number of cheap imitations, most of which last 1-2 years of daily use.
Xiaomi is always looking for opportunities, innovation, reliable - quality - manufacturers. Let's hope the I8 is one of them, and that we will see more models in the future. Maybe with semi-smart solutions, like the big ones.
The I8 quartz watch will soon be available in the gearbest store, launch price $60. So it's not a bad product, but it's still cheap compared to premium manufacturers.

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