Xiaomi G11 or Roborock H7 Ultra vacuum cleaner? Let's decide!

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In the age of robot vacuum cleaners, I am not alone in still believing in the sanctity of manual cleaning. I've had and still have a lot of robots that do a Roborock S5 Max. But! No household is complete without a good hand vacuum cleaner, and only the best cordless one. There are two of these on the market today, the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G11 and the Roborock H7 Ultra!

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G11 and Roborock H7 Ultra

What they obviously have in common is the field of application. Hand-held, cordless and battery-powered vacuum cleaners that will be of complete use to you. As we all know, robot vacuum cleaners are physically incapable of sweeping up everywhere and they can tackle carpets. And they're slow...

In this operation, man is not a set of sources of error, but the opposite. A robotic vacuum cleaner does not see the dirt on the floor, on the carpet, but only goes through the area based on cold numbers. A human, on the other hand, will immediately notice if there is something left on the floor, on the carpet, under a cupboard.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G11

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G11

Roborock H7 Ultra

Roborock H7 Ultra

Suction power 185 AW 160 AW
Battery 60 minutes (Standard mode) 45 minutes (Standard mode)
Available for exchange Not interchangeable
Weight 1.6 kg 1.46 kg
Postage 0.6 L 0.5 L (0.56 L powder bag)
Display Colour Monochrome
Accessories 5 6
Falconocol Yes Yes
Price 169.990 Ft 142.990 Ft


The figures show that the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner better in every way than Roborock. More suction power, bigger battery, replaceable, bigger port tank, etc. Finally, yes, the price is higher, just as much as it does more.

Whichever you choose, you're sure to get a good deal. Speaking from experience, a weaker version is like having an expensive electric broom. However, even a Roborock H7 Ultra is so powerful that it outperforms the 70% on the market! Suction power of handheld vacuums is claimed by other manufacturers to be around 80-100 AW, which is sufficient to suck up dust and hair. But the Roborock H7 Ultra The 160 AW's suction power is brutal by comparison. Plus, there's a motor-driven brush suction head to clean the surface even more efficiently. Whether it's plastic, wood, stone or even long fibre carpet! Plus there's the little one with the furniture head, which has the same motor-driven brush and can suck all the parasites out of your furniture without any trouble. A must for pet owners!

But once you get to know both vacuum cleaners, it's not clear that the higher performance is worth the 27.000 Ft difference. A Roborock with vacuum cleaner you can save on this, but one of the best vacuum cleaners can be your everyday companion. Plus, you get a flexible hose that you can use Xiaomi does not offer! The combined floor head has a planetary gear drive, a 50 W motor and carbon fibre anti-static bristles for deeper carpet cleaning. Dust and mites in the bed, upholstery? That's no longer a problem with the motorised mite head!

Then there's the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G11, which outperforms the Roborock, but of course at a higher price. If you're a real cleanliness freak and/or want the best results, you can always go for the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner you have to buy! But the benefits don't end there! The larger capacity battery is replaceable, and you can do it yourself. If you use it a lot and it breaks down before its time, you don't have to send it to a service or invest in a new vacuum cleaner. You simply buy a new battery and replace it yourself. This is the king of handheld vacuum cleaners right now!

Accessories also include a motor-driven (tangle-free) floor head and a mop head to clean all surfaces to perfection. Also in the repertoire are the classic small brush head and the crevice cleaner. And the wall holder allows you to charge the vacuum cleaner, so it's always at hand when you need it.

Xiaomi is currently the top of the handheld vacuum cleaners! If you want the best, then the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G11 you vote for.

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