Xiaomi car patent: automatic vehicle wake-up

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The development of the Xiaomi car continues in full swing, the trial production has been completed, but there is still room for improvement. The development process consists of many steps, one of which is the patenting of the developments. Many innovations have already been patented in connection with the Xiaomi car, and the current one is a very good comfort function.

Xiaomi car patent: automatic vehicle wake-up

According to a notice published on the website of the State Office of Intellectual Property, Xiaomi Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a "vehicle wake-up method, device, data carrier and vehicle" patent was announced on September 12.

  • The present specification applies to vehicle alarm procedures, devices, media and vehicles, and to the field of vehicle technology.
  • The method involves obtaining a record of the user's vehicle use. Determining the user's vehicle usage period from the period based on the record, and waking the vehicle before the current period's vehicle usage period is reached.
  • When the end user uses the vehicle, the vehicle is already in an operational state, so it can respond quickly to the user's actions, improving the user's driving experience and solving the problem of slow vehicle response in related scenarios.
  • As the vehicle is woken up before driving time, this can reduce the vehicle's energy consumption compared to the vehicle wake-up mode throughout the whole process.

Xiaomi car patent: automatic vehicle wake-up

Xiaomi Car's patent on the underlying technology points out that currently users can control the vehicle remotely via a mobile phone. They can perform operations such as turning on, unlocking and locking the air conditioning. But in some cases, the response time of the vehicle to the user's request for an operation is still long, which reduces the user experience.

Xiaomi car patent: automatic vehicle wake-up

Specifically, the patent allows the vehicle to obtain the user's vehicle usage data and, based on the records, determine the vehicle's usage time from that time, ultimately achieving the goal of reminding the vehicle to wake up.

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