Xiaomi at MWC 2018 - Announcement later

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At MWC 2018, Xiaomi finally built a proper booth and tried to show visitors everything it had created over the past year.
Many of us were expecting that this might be the debut of the Mi 7, or the star of the past few weeks, the Mi MIX 2s. We also expected Mi Pad 4, Mi Band 3. None of these were announced here in the end. What we do know is that the Mi MIX 2s will be unveiled at a special event on March 27. Whether it will be the sole participant of the Showcase is not yet known.
A couple of years ago, several major manufacturers timed the launch of their flagship products to coincide with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For many years, Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC took advantage of the crowds to show off their most powerful development of the time at a grand event, which was available for purchase within weeks. Then they started to organise a separate event (at a separate time and place) to focus the attention exclusively on their product.
This year, it was probably the launch of the Samsung S9 at MWC that took the lead, as Xiaomi had anticipated. While last autumn Apple dodged the iPhone X launch with the Mi MIX 2 unveiling, in February 2018 it pushed back the launch of the updated version of the Mi MIX 2 by a month.

Is Xiaomi still loyal to Chinese customers?

The decision not to launch a new product at MWC was certainly part of a strategy, as Beijing has hosted the manufacturer's big-name launches since the beginning. This tradition was only broken in Xiaomi's second home country, India, when it unveiled a device aimed at the Indian market. This could also be the reason why the company stayed away from MWC 2017 and unveiled the Mi 6 in front of a local audience.

A well organised exhibition with a correct product range

The fact that no new product was announced did not mean that Xiaomi's presence at MWC was uninteresting. Their stand was fair, with the typical Mi Store and Mi Home stores that are typical of the manufacturer. There were no technical glitches, mockup plastic toys, meaningless promises or even non-English speaking staff.

However, there was also the most beautiful mobile (MI MIX 2), which has already been exhibited in three museums, and the Mi Note 5 Pro, which won an award.

The Xiaomi is quite large and its modern, minimalist style sets the brand apart from the other exhibitors. It has been divided into different areas to allow for easy access and separation of the different product categories. It was a mini Mi Home, where we would have paid our respects in colour.
But instead of us he did the WayteQ Hungary and they sent some photos.

Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (15.6″)

Xiaomi laser projector

Mi Home

And the robotics was also present at the stand. All the robot families were on display and you could even fight with them.

There were also the EU Mi Home products mentioned by Kornél, which were also pictures of WayteQ we recommend.

The Team Xiami without which none of this would have happened


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