Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be released globally!

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A Xiaomi elég nagy szórással készít telefonokat, egészen az olcsótól a drágáig. Szinte mindenki tud magának választani a teljes kínálatból, de a csúcstelefonok valahogy nem járnak erre. A legutolsó ilyen telefon a Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra volt, azóta csak a “sima” flagship-ek kerültek globálisan értékesítésre. De most Xiaomi CEO confirmed that the next Ultra, hopefully the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, will be released globally.

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra will remain in China and will only be available from Eastern online stores. But the major tech blogs have still furnished it so they can showcase in the West what Xiaomi can do when paired with Leica. About the phone I have written everything well, but the tests and news are not over yet.

The next iteration of Ultra will be available in our global markets! Xiaomi CEO

CEO and Founder of Xiaomi Lei jun, reacted in a Twitter post to the androidcentral.com bemutató cikkére. A következő Ultra telefon megjelenik a globális piacon. Nem is értem, hogy a mostanival mi a baj, hogy nem merik itt is árulni…

Xiaomi 13 Ultra predecessor

Of course, nothing is yet known about the Xiaomi 13 Ultra model, but it is more than likely that Xiaomi and Leica will continue to work together. So this can't be a bad thing, as it has helped Huawei to be at the top in camera quality. We can only expect the release after the launch of the Xiaomi 13 series, although it's not even certain that it will be part of the series, but will again be a separate sub-series. We'll find out in 2023.

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