What will become of the marriage of the Xiaomi Mi6 and iPhone X? The iMI X is born! :D

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No, this is not a joke! Death is serious! :D

The Xiaomi brand's followers are outperforming China, all of Europe and even America. Another well-known fact is that Xiaomi is known as the Chinese Apple, and this is not only because of their innovation, but also a The MIUI interface is almost a copy of Apple's iOS. This might make it easier for iPhone fans to use Android and still get the iOS experience. If you're an Apple fan and you're just not satisfied, you can now choose a hybrid iPhone and Xiaomi phone. The smartphone, known as the iMI X, was launched in Thailand with the look of the iPhone and paired with Xiaomi's flagship Mi6.

The iMI X logo is similar to the Xiaomi MI logo, but with an "i" prefix and was presented at the Mobile Expo 2017 in Thailand. In terms of design, it has a full-screen design, an 18:9 aspect ratio and a face scanner like the Apple iPhone X(hehe). The full-screen design also reminds me of the iPhone X look, with a thinned frame on all four sides and with a glass body, like the Mi 6.

This super small handset has a 5.7″ display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, no processor, but at least 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage in the base version, with a 13MP camera at the back and 8MP at the front. The larger version, which is 4/64, has a 13MP front and 16MP rear camera. Yes, there is no double camera at the back, one is fake... :D

In terms of pricing, the iMI X with 3 GB RAM is 4 990 Thai Baht (~$150), while the 4 GB RAM version is 5 990 THB (~$180). The series includes both a Wisdom Limited edition and a Vin 3X edition with slightly different specifications. All versions run the iMI UI, which is based on Android 7.0.1 Nougat.

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