Set your own unique music as a ringtone

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Is the MIUI system ringtone low or inadequate? No problem, you can even play your own favourite music when you're called. You can set it up in the following steps, as you can see in the video above:

  • Open the settings by tapping on the Settings icon
  • Scroll down to Sounds and vibrations and open
  • Tap the Phone ringtone menu
  • Tap the Phone ringtone menu again
  • In the bottom right corner of the screen, tap the green circle
  • On the next screen, you can choose what you want to select for your music. It's easiest to select it from the Sound Files menu, where you'll find the sound file you're looking for.
  • Select the appropriate file and click on the little circle with a tick above the OK sign at the bottom
  • Going back to the full list, you can see at the top that the selected music has been added to the list
  • Tap Apply next to your chosen music

We're ready, now our favourite melody will play when we have an incoming call.

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