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The Tinder dating app now also allows users to check the background of a partner through police records. 

The Tindert owned Match Group announced last March that in the future, users of the dating app will be able to request background checks on their dates. The new feature is being developed by a "background check" non-profit company, Garbo, in which the owner of the popular matchmaking app has previously invested heavily. New York-based Garbo was founded in 2018 by former rape survivor Kathryn Kosmides, with the aim of giving people early warning of potentially dangerous people.

Simplified and inexpensive background checks are now also available on the App - from a TechCrunch. Users can access Garbo's service through the app, which the company is using to improve user security.

For profiling, Garbo will look up the partner from authentic, publicly available records, allowing users to collect information on possible violence, assault, arrests, restraining orders, harassment and other violent crimes. Tinder will offer two free background checks, after which the service will be available for $2.5 per session.

As Tinder pointed out, Garbo is not a perfect solution, but rather a kind of additional feature. For now, the service is only available to US tinders, and it remains to be seen whether it will be available in the rest of the world in time, and if so, in what partnerships.

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