The one-handed use

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Is your phone screen big? Or are your hands simply too small to reach all the icons with one hand? No problem! MIUI has a huge advantage over other systems! You can resize the screen to a smaller size so you can reach everything with one hand! Follow the gestures in the video to resize the screen. It's not as clear writing it down as seeing it, but I'll describe the steps anyway:

  • Use your finger to swipe firmly from the Home button to the Back button. The screen will then shrink from left to right
  • If you do the same for half the Menu button, it will shrink from right to left
  • To reset, all you have to do is make the same smoothing motion, but in the opposite direction

We have the option to set the screen size, so let's do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to the System menu
  • Scroll down and select Single-handed use
  • At the bottom of the screen, select the size that suits you, to see how much the screen size is reduced
  • Here you can also set the system to ask if you want to use one-handed mode when you accidentally drag your finger on the buttons

I wish all my little hands a pleasant icon achievement! :D

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