Split screen mode in Mi Max 2 Global 7.7.13!

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The split screen is nothing new, as the new Android 7 systems already have it by default, but as we know MIUI is very different in features and functions from the factory. In May this year, along with the launch of the Mi Max 2, this feature was announced for MIUI, exclusively for this phone and the Chinese developer ruin. However, we're happy to announce that this week this feature will be available in the Global developer rom for Mi Max 2!

Split screen mode is accessed from the Running applications interface. By pressing the Menu button, you will see a toggle above the snapshot of running applications, which will pull down a bar to the top of the screen. Here we can drag the application we want to see on the screen, above or next to the current one.

Let's hope all phones with MIUI 7 and a big enough screen to make sense of the split screen will get it!

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