[PLETYKA] Xiaomi Mi7 coming with glass back?

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More and more rumours and imagined designs are hitting the internet, as the next top model, the Mi7, is set to be released in a month's time.

The latest render image doesn't show much of the phone, with the already obvious dual rear camera and dual LED flash next to it, but just look, there's a fingerprint reader in the middle. This is for no other reason than the maker thought the full screen bar wouldn't fit underneath and believes in an under-screen reader. Advantage or disadvantage? Who's different. If it's in the front, it's harder to press in your hand, if it's in the back, it's useless lying on the desk. But it's 2018, and the face recognition war is raging, and Xiaomi promises that the Artificial Intelligence it's developing for phones will be more reliable and secure than the current solution.

The full capabilities of the Mi7 are slowly becoming clear. We already know about the hardware, but that's not enough, Xiaomi needs to show something. Something new, something weird, something... how shall I say it, so wow, eeeez yes. Don't forget to put MWC2018 in your diary, that's where the world's firsts in the mobile market are coming!

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