Gossip Monday! Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A coming? What else is coming?

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It is not a new rumour that Xiaomi is working on the Redmi Note 5 phablet. It makes sense that the 5 will come after the 4 and is expected later this year. Unknown specs and images from unofficial sources are circulating on the rumour sites, but today a very interesting image has emerged from the internet's vault, namely the Redmi Note 5A!

Not really understanding why the weaker variant was released, so far, after the Redmi series, Redmi 4, Redmi 4 Prime, came the Redmi 4A, which is the most modest version of the 4 family. Presumably this will be shown alongside the full version of the Redmi Note 5? But the red boxes and Mi logo in the top right corner of the picture look real!

But could it be that this time, contrary to tradition, they are starting with the weaker version? We shall see. If we look at the internals, it makes sense to use a weaker processor and cheaper materials.

But here's the second rumour, in which a Chinese Xiaomi fan has allegedly found out - or just guessed - the specs of the upcoming Redmi Note 5 and published them in a nice picture:

Based on the images above, the Redmi Note 5 phone comes with a 5.5″ FULLHD display, Snapdragon 630 chipset, a f/2.0 Sony Exmor 16 megapixel camera at the back, while the front has the same, only with 13 megapixels. The rear camera will presumably support 4K video recording and thanks to the Sony sensor, it will be able to do this just fine in low light. The Note 4 may come in a thinner design compared to the Note 4, which means that unfortunately the battery size will have to be cut down a bit, so it will only fit 3,790 mAh. At launch, we hope it will be running MIUI9 based on Android 7.1.1!

Now for a slightly more recent rumour about the Redmi Note 5A! A few hours ago, a highly sought-after Chinese leaker posted the specs of the Redmi Note 5A on the usual Weibo platform, which is suspiciously plausible.

The Redmi Note 5A comes with a FULLHD display, 5.5″ size, FT5435 FocalTech touchscreen technology, Snapdragon 625 (MSM8953) SoC powering the Redmi Note 4/X and 4GB+64GB RAM/Storage. According to rumours, which may even be a strong exaggeration, it will get a dual rear camera like this year's Mi6, but not in the same quality. A standard (OV13880) and a wide (OV12A10) OmniVision sensor, a Samsung S5K5E8 sensor in the front and an FPC1020 fingerprint sensor on the back. This isn't too far off the mark either, as its predecessor Redmi Note 4 has been so popular in India that the company is looking to capture an even bigger camp in the eastern country.

The most interesting thing that most people don't even notice is the female name mentioned in the Chinese entry: tiffany. Now this is the code name of a real, unreleased phone! So it is such a reality wrapped in a veil, it is very likely to be, but let's not believe everything yet, let's wait for the official release news. Or rumour. Let's take it as a rumour and no harm can come of it.

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