Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner test

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There is no doubt about the help that can be provided by a robot vacuum cleaner in everyday life. This of course requires good orientation, not missing areas, etc.

The Roidmi, best known for making small gadgets, has now come up with a robotic vacuum cleaner. But not just a "traditional" robot vacuum cleaner that goes around, cleans, goes back, and then every 2 days you can clean out the dust bin. No, it's not like that. It's even the takes the burden of emptying off your shoulders. Only the one in the emptying station dust bag should be thrown out every month and a new one put in.

The Roidmi EVE Plus great navigation, efficient wet charging, high suction (2700Pa) and a huge battery a great competitor for Roborock models.

However, there are small errors but you can also check out the video above, where you can find out everything in detail!

Thank you very much for the opportunity to test Roidmi for Hungary! The Roidmi EVE Plus here you can buy.

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