ReVanced: Vanced continues, in Hungarian!

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With the rise of music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc., YouTube and Music have taken a back seat. Unfortunately, these apps don't run in the background, which means that if you turn off the screen, no music plays unless you subscribe to premium services. But there was a Vanced team who solved this problem. ReVanced

We made a video about this service exactly two years ago, but in March this year the project was stopped. The authors didn't reveal much, but mostly there were legal problems. Reddit and Twitter were abuzz with the news and many people expressed their regrets. But! There is hope!


An enthusiastic programming team has picked up where the original team left off. But with a slightly different look and relying on the power of community, they've re-launched it under a new name. It became ReVanced. Unlike the previous team, the new version is open source, so anyone can build it on their phone or PC. But as we know, not everyone is blessed with the skills to perform such operations. But never mind, there's no shortage of enthusiasm, so they'll do it for you.

But not just any way! A MIUI forum get first hand information about the current ReVanced version, download link and more information about the changes! Plus, all with full Hungarian support and a Hungarian app! But that's not all, it also offers many other features, which we are very happy to receive from the developers! The full list is also available at You can find it on MIUI Forum.

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