Defamation - Xiaomi Yunmi (Viomi) dishwasher does not infringe a patent

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Recently, Xiaomi's eco-chain company Yunmi (Viomi) announced its high-end dishwasher at the AWE Expo. Subsequent reports claim that the product was immediately removed from the show after the company was accused of patent infringement. Xiaomi Yunmi denied this. They claim that the allegations are baseless. A Xiaomi Yunmi's smart dishwasher uses a washing pump from the Italian company Weike, which delivers 15,000Pa of ultra-high pressure for effective cleaning that does not damage the vessels. It uses 3D spraying technology with a 360° curved design and a high temperature wash at 70°C. A high capacity dishwasher has a quick wash mode, 8 place settingsor 64 plates can be cleaned simultaneously. The entire process can be monitored and controlled via APP. Price 1999 Yuan (315 dollars).

False patent infringement

The reports alleged that the Yunmi dishwasher infringed a number of patents, in at least five different aspects of the appliance. It was mentioned that the design, the washing basket, the door design and the door mechanism infringed existing patents.

The Yunmi denies

However, Yunmi said that his dishwasher was on display until the end of the exhibition and was not removed from the site prematurely. In fact, online entries have already begun. Yunmi also stressed that it fully respects and appreciates the protection of intellectual property rights, and the Shanghai Pudong New Area Intellectual Property Society staff confirmed on the spot that no infringement had occurred.

Official statement from Xiaomi Yunmi

  1. Claims that the Yunmi dishwasher was removed from the show due to patent infringement are false. The Yunmi dishwasher was on display during the exhibition, there is no evidence of any removal. Yunmi also exhibited dishwashers and other online equipment under expert supervision at booth 2F31 in AWE Hall E2. Online sales of the Yunmi Internet Dishwasher started at $315.
  2. Yunmi fully respects the importance of protecting intellectual property rights. The staff of the Shanghai Pudong New Intellectual Property Association has confirmed that no infringement has occurred.
  3. Yunmi is a company focused on product innovation. We hope to work with everyone to help the industry evolve through product updates. Media claims (we've encountered them) are different from the truth, and Yunmi reserves the right to take legal action against those who spread lies for defamation.

Yunmi was created in May 2014. Xiaomi has invested in the company, and it is considered as an online appliance vendor focused on the SME and small home appliance market. After the merger with Xiaomi, the product line is now known as VIOMI. We have written about these products before and you may hear more about them in the future. Yunmi is committed to providing safe and smart solutions for the small home appliance market.

If you are interested in this product, please let me know in the comments. ;)


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