Redmi K50 becomes Poco F4

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It really looks like renaming and design changes will remain the company's standard practice when it comes to globalizing phones from China.We're mostly used to seeing Chinese Redmi phones being released in one piece or with a slight redesign for the Indian or global market. The Poco F4 is coming to us in the same way, in the form of the Redmi K50, which will be launched on the 17th.

Poco F4 sticker

We found this graphic on Weibo, which has the model number 22021211RG and belongs to the L11R type. They all belong to the Poco F4 phone, as confirmed by several certificates. According to some sources, it will be a global version of the Redmi K50 Standard Edition with some changes.

Poco F4

The design of the Redmi K50 will be new to the brand, in terms of lens layout. The camera island will remain in its usual angular shape, but cameras will be placed in a large circle. Probably 48 MP main camera, one ultra-wide and one depth or macro. The bigger change will be inside.

Redmi K50 SoC

In China, the Redmi K50 will come with MediaTek 8100 processor, the And Pro is MTK D9000, and the SE (Standar Edition) has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, so the Poco F4 will also come with that if the rumours are true. It may also have a reduced battery (4,500 mAh) but 67 W fast charging. There are even rumours that its camera will not be upgraded compared to the K40, it will get the same Sony IMX582 sensor and even the screen will be the same 120 Hz. All will be revealed next week, follow the unveiling with us on On our YouTube channel!

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