Poco F3 MIUI: MIUI 13 in Turkey, fixes in the EU region

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Poco F3 users have been waiting for the MIUI 13 update for a long time, and as of today, the MIUI 13 update is available for users in Turkey.

With a Snapdragon 870 chipset, triple rear camera and other great features, the Poco F3 is one of the best-selling models.

These released updates improve the stability of the system and offer a number of features. The build number of the Poco F3 update released for Turkey is V13.0.1.0.SKHTRXM, and the build number of the new MIUI 13 update released in the EU is V13.0.4.0.SKHEUXM.

The EEA (our region), you can see the change log for the Poco F3 MIUI 13 update here:

Android security patch updated for February 2022. Enhanced system security.


As MIUI 13 has already arrived in Europe, the European release only contains patches. Nevertheless, it's still worth updating, because in addition to the security patch, we can expect optimisation and increased stability.

The MIUI 13 did not bring huge changes, the main changes were under the bonnet. Atomized memory provides better RAM optimization, while liquid storage makes internal storage more efficient.

It dynamically manages system resources so that the processor can focus on the important tasks, guaranteeing smoothness.

Smart Balance brings an innovation in energy use, with the possibility to choose between energy saving and performance. This can add up to 10% of uptime, which can make a big difference in some cases.

In addition, the widgets have also been updated, although fewer new features have been brought to the European ruin compared to the Chinese version, as we have become accustomed to in the past.

Poco is Xiaomi's sub-brand for mid-to-high-end phones. This picture has recently become more nuanced, with Poco now represented in almost every category, but the best known model is the flagship-killer F series. After the Poco F2 Pro last year, there was no Pro model, although before that there was no regular model, so it makes sense. If it had arrived, this is what the Poco F2 would have looked like.

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