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Fortnite developer Epic Games has received an investment of around $2 billion to build a metaverse. 

There's been no let-up in the metaverse, with the recent announcement that computer game developer Epic Games announcedto start building a virtual world. The game developer has also secured two major investments in a short period of time: $1 billion from Sony Group Corporation and another $1 billion from KIRKBI, the company behind the LEGO Group.

Sony and LEGO have been working with Epic Games for years, with LEGO recently entering into a long-term partnership with the game developer to build a "family-friendly" meta-movie. While neither company has revealed any specifics, the official announcement says they are looking to build an immersive, creative and engaging digital experience with children as the primary audience. It was stressed that children's privacy would be fully respected and that parents would also have access to the virtual world.

There are a lot of critical voices around the metaverse, with the virtual world led by Mark Zuckerberg being the most negative. Although the Horizon Worlds is officially restricted to users over 18, but in reality, many younger users are also included. According to child protection organisations, this is a serious problem, as sexual predators are among the first to appear on platforms that are popular with children, which, if not properly protected, can create an environment for child abuse. There have been several cases of sexual harassment on the platform, one of the most famous being the virtual rape of a 43-year-old London mother by 3-4 avatar men last December.

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