One of the most important invisible helpers: the smart plug

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A smart home system is now within everyone's reach, and smart sockets are the foundation of such an ecosystem. But what do they do and why are they important?

Xiaomi is one of the first companies to discover the smart home systems, and the potential of the tools that make them up. Accordingly, the Chinese holding company's portfolio has included this type of equipment for some time. One of the least conspicuous of these is the smart sockets. On the one hand, this is understandable, as they are perhaps the least sexy of the smart home systems. But it is also a fact that they are without a doubt among the most useful components.

In this article, we have undertaken to present a more detailed description of this product range, addressing the question of who and why these products can be useful and important. 

Key to a smart home

Smart home, also known as smart home, in short, means that the user can connect his or her electronic devices through various wireless technologies, enabling them to be controlled remotely, managed as a group or integrated into automated processes, known as scenarios. This makes the control of devices easier, more convenient and, last but not least, saves a lot of time, energy and money. 

xiaomi mi smart plug smart outlet
It turns a not-smart device into a smart one.

One of the foundations of smart home ecosystems is the so-called smart power sockets, which have been part of Xiaomi's product portfolio for a long time. One example is the Xiaomi Mi Smart plug EU Zigbee, which is now available at a very low price. 

How does it work, what is it good for?

The smart socket is connected to a mobile device or PC without cables and allows the user to check and change its status through a dedicated application. This allows continuous monitoring of consumption and, thanks to the storage of data, it is also possible to retrieve how much power is being consumed by the device plugged into the socket. Perhaps even more importantly, it allows the power to be cut off, so that a working device can be disconnected remotely. And this can be very useful if, for example, someone regularly leaves the iron plugged in, or is worried about leaving the light on the bedside table on holiday. 

Easy installation

One of the advantages of the Xiaomi Mi Plug Eu Zigbee solution is that you don't have to drill into walls, as you can connect it to your existing, built-in power source in one simple move. This also means that the ecosystem can be connected at any time with this type of device, there is no need for the user or the property owner to spend a large amount of money at once.

xiaomi mi smart plug smart outlet

This smart socket uses Zigbee technology, which means it connects directly to a compatible indoor unit and transmits information to the mobile device. This solution has the advantage of a longer range than usual and a lower price. 

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