Split screen for MIUI8 is officially coming in July!

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Xiaomi has made an official announcement that the split screen feature will debut in July. For now, only Mi Max 2 phones will get this new feature, but soon all devices based on Android N (7.x.x) will get it. This feature is already included in the base system, but MIUI developers haven't included it yet.

After brief discussions and public research, it was decided to start developing MIUI8 into the system, with a final release in July, but only in the Chinese developer ruins. It will also be available for Global users later. The developers have started working hard on it, there is still a lot of testing and optimization ahead.

Interestingly, contrary to rumours, MIUI8 is still being written, although MIUI9 should have been announced by then. This means we won't get MIUI9 in July, although that could change before then.

Stay tuned, here you can read only real news and rumours that are actually reported!

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