New colours for Xiaomi Mi 7 - A breakthrough in ceramic colouring

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Researchers have achieved a breakthrough in ceramic manufacturing.
Last year's flagship Xiaomi Mi 6 is only available in black, white and blue. White is as rare as a white raven :), blue is less popular, black is the one everyone orders. The previously promised silver has been cancelled due to manufacturing difficulties. The Mi MIX 2 also retained the black and white colour options.

According to a Xiaomi representative, the colouring of ceramic bodies is very complicated, so only the black and white versions could be produced in sufficient quantity and quality. But the situation could improve this year.

The picture only shows a prototype, not the back of the Mi 7.

In recent weeks, ceramic backs supplier Xiaomi has reported (R&D code-named "Exerion") that it has made progress in ceramic research. They have been able to successfully produce colorful, high quality ceramics. With coloured ceramics, they can now change the colour of the raw material directly before sacrificing the mechanics.
According to the representative, this new type of technology does not change the properties of the ceramic during mechanical processing (pressing), so it is as strong as the black and white version. The long-term goal is to produce ceramic bodies with more colourful bodies, thus increasing sales.
For Xiaomi, the ceramic back cover is the ChaoZhou Three-Circle (Group) Co., Ltd., so that the new type "Exerion" series ceramic backing can now be used for the Xiaomi Mi 7 and Mi 7 Plus.
What colour would you like for your next Xiaomi phone?





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