MWC 2018 Exclusive - Xiaomi stand through the eyes of WayteQ.

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We were delighted to have the opportunity to be one of the official Xiaomi suppliers and partners of WayteQ Europe Kft. will provide us with exclusive coverage of this year's Mobile World Congress. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we couldn't make it to Barcelona, although we had really planned to, but luckily good contacts always overcome minor problems.

So let's get to the pictures, first looking at the stand up close and from a distance.


There are lots of Xiaomi products, almost everything global and at least English is supported.

The event was also attended by some of the biggest Xiaomi Global heads, raising the bar. Donovan Sung, Wang Xiang, Wanqiang Li... Xiaomi CEO not on the site.


Introducing the Xiaomi laser projector and the kids' favourite, the MITU robot family. The European version of the Mi Robot Bunny Builder will hit the shelves in the coming days.


The audience was also able to get to know the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro phone live. Of course, you can buy it for Global system, so it already has Hungarian language!

The Redmi Note 5 Pro was joined by the Mi6, Mi A1 and Mi Mix 2.


Besides the phones, of course, you could also admire the accessories and other products such as Xaomi Router, lights, cameras, Mi TV, Mi Notebook, headphones/earphones, etc.

I left the biggest bang for the end. The European version of the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit is finally ready! At last, we won't have a Chinese girl telling us when the door is opened, there's someone moving around, there's smoke, the plants need watering and the vacuuming is done. The EU plug-in fork comes with an English-language leaflet and description if you buy it outside Hungary. According to WayteQ, it is expected to start domestic distribution in May, luckily our region will be the first to get it!

Thank you for the exclusive pictures of the WayteQ Europe Ltd. to his colleague Peter Bánfi and the brief information!

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