MIUI Global Forum Awards 2017 competition

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The MIUI Global Forum Awards 2017 will be held again this year, with prizes up for grabs. There are lots of game launched in 2017, even for mortals on Earth, and great Xiaomi prizes were up for grabs. The most important for us is the Fan Page competition, where you can vote between countries. We would like to ask all Hungarian fans to vote for us, even though the chances of winning are not very high, but let's show that the community of a small country is worth as much as the community of millions.

Last year we finished 8th out of 34 countries with 1.393 votes, but the first place can't even be a dream, because the Greeks came in with 13.695 votes!!! The forum has almost 26.000 registrations, the facebook groups have 6-8.000 members and you, our dear readers, are at least 4.000.

Voting is open, you can vote again every day after 17:00 Hungarian time, because in China it's the next day! So vote every day!!!!

You can vote here: http://api.en.miui.com/hd/en/award2017/fanSiteVote

To cast your vote, you need Your Account, all of them! :D


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