MIUI 9 Key Features Part 2 - Buttons and hand jingles

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Welcome back MIUI fan! We continue our introduction to MIUI 9, which started with the Silent Mode setting in the first part. Now we'll continue with a look at Buttons and gestures. You can find the menu in Settings - Advanced settings (MIUIHU System) - Buttons and gestures. In MIUI 8, there were very few options for setting physical buttons, but MIUI 9 now gives you plenty of options to quickly access the most important options.

Options available in MIUI 8:

  • Menu button (pressed briefly)
  • Menu button (press and hold)
  • Home button (Long press)
  • Back button (Long press)
  • Holding delay
  • Button lighting
  • Button lighting time
  • Automatic disabling of navigation buttons

In MIUI 9 you now have the following options:

  • Start camera
  • Take a screenshot
  • Google Assistant
  • Switch off the screen
  • Switching on the lamp
  • Close the current application
  • Enter split screen mode
  • Show menu
  • Navigation buttons off
  • Automatic disabling of navigation buttons

It's true that it can be set the other way round, so it's not a function for a button, but a button for a function. This can be a little confusing for new users at first, but you can soon get used to it.

There are lots of options when selecting functions, these are:

I wonder where the backlight setting for the buttons has gone? They have been moved to another menu, exactly here: settings - Advanced settings (MIUIHU System) - Backlight

For new MIUI 9 users and migrants, we hope this will make MIUI easier to use. Don't look for the above settings in Global stable roms yet and not all of them are available in Global devs. The images above are from the MIUIHU rom, which is based on the Chinese developer rom. That's why it's worth switching to a Hungarian rom.

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