MIUI 9 Key features Part 1 - Set Silent Mode

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MIUI 9 is about to arrive on everyone's favourite phone, but not everyone has got it yet and those who have haven't fully got to grips with the new system. Many won't notice the difference, as it doesn't look much different this time around, but there are some key changes under the hood and in small settings. We'll be taking these in turn, over several posts and every few days we'll take you through a new feature in depth.

In the first part of our series, we'll show you how "Silent" and "Do Not Disturb" modes have changed since MIUI 8. In the old system, you could access and toggle the modes by pulling down the switches, or by simply turning down the volume.

But now that we have MIUI 9, all we have to do is press the volume button and we can adjust the volume, enter Silent mode. In Silent mode, we can choose to just mute it, then every time we make a call/text/notify, our phone will vibrate, letting us know something has happened. But if that's too much and we're in a situation where nothing can disturb us, we should turn on Do Not Disturb. Then it's as if we've turned our phone off, in no way will it bother us with anything. In both cases, the wake-up alone will work!

Both modes can be timed if you know you only want to use them for a certain period of time. You can set this between half an hour and 8 hours. Let's see this in action:

Note: this feature is currently only available for Android 7.X-based ROMs!

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