MIUI 14 is rumoured to be the last major version

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There are more and more rumours about MIUI 14 and the upcoming MiOS, Xiaomi's proprietary operating system. According to Chinese sources, MIUI 14 will be the last major version, but there are contradictions in the rumours.

MIUI 14 is rumoured to be the last major version

The MiOS there is no news yet on the release of the new version, and when it will be announced or when anything will be released is anyone's guess. But not long ago, one of the Chinese bloggers @DigitalChatStation posted on his Weibo page a very interesting text about the main MIUI 14 version.

MIUI 14 is rumoured to be the last major version

A rough translation:

"Basically, it has been confirmed that MIUI14 will be the last official major version of MIUI. As a sealed work of MIUI, MIUI14 can be considered an excellent "graduation project". The basic experience is the first step in the craft, only the animation effects are still lagging behind.
I hope the new work will completely fill this gap!"

So it's supposedly confirmed, but by whom, it's not clear. In the comments, however, came the question, will the Xiaomi 14 already have the new MiOS? The blogger's answer was no. But then comes the $5,000 question, so what will it have if not MIUI 15? Since MIUI 14 was the last major version. MIUI 14.5? Or MIUI 14 SE?

Xiaomi MiOS

The only big thing would be if Xiaomi secretly did this in China, with the new phone coming out with MiOS instead of MIUI 15. But that would also go against the Chinese rumours that keep talking about MIUI 15. Not to mention, the leaking of the global version. But further rumours suggest that MiOS will be compatible with Google's Android AOSP, so it's also likely to be Android-based. So could MIUI 15 be rebranded as MiOS, with a complete rewrite of the base system? Lots of questions here.

According to further information, MiOS will not be introduced on phones, but on AIoT devices and other "terminals". The breakthrough could come in 2024, when Xiaomi and Redmi phones could get it, but only in China. Global distribution will be a bit more difficult, as there are a number of requirements to meet in the EU, as you may already know.

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