What is the Xiaomi smart connector for?

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Although in our country, Xiaomi's smart home devices are offered by a very small percentage of the official domestic online stores, but there is still a lot to look at. Even if it's not completely related to the overheads reduction, we can save money with it. For example, there's the Xiaomi smart plug, which you can now control without any central unit.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Plug (Wi-Fi) requires nothing more than a powered wall socket, a Wi-Fi router and, of course, a live internet connection. What you don't need is a gateway, as it can be controlled remotely, scheduled, etc.

We can manage the smart connector in the familiar Xiaomi / Mi Home app, both on iOS and Android. Turning the socket on/off is a simple operation, just tap the On/Off button on the bottom left and it's powered on or off. This feature is used for consumers that would be plugged in/out of the socket anyway. Like an iron, coffee maker, water heater, etc. If you use such a socket, you don't even have to unplug it, as it will even be off standby power at the touch of a button. And you can remotely check whether the device is powered or not. For example, an iron, if you leave home, you can check whether it is still powered on or not. If it is, simply unplug it and you will definitely not burn the house down.

In addition to switching, it has two other functions that can only be set without a central unit. The first is "Set time", which allows you to set when to switch on or off. This can be set to the minute and on which days. This function can be used for electrical appliances that are definitely not in use, e.g. at night or on weekends, and you don't want them to be under power. You can then set your TV, Hifi, Box, router, modem, speakers, etc. to be off from midnight to 8am. If you're going away from home for an extended period of time, you can plug in a standing lamp and pretend you're at home by switching it off and on. That way, you can make unsuspecting people think that there is someone in the house.

The last feature this cool little thing has is a countdown timer. In this function, you can set how long it will provide power to the consumer. This is probably not such a cool feature anymore, but it can be useful. It could perhaps be used to prevent a child from watching TV for more than a certain amount of time. Just plug the TV into the smart connector, set the timer to the desired time and you're ready to go. As long as you want!

And to top it off, the state-of-the-art smart feature is voice control. A Xiaomi Mi Smart Plug (Wi-Fi) can work with Google and Amazon assistants. So you can integrate it into Google's system, which is available to everyone, and control the outlet by voice. You just need to set up Google Assistant on your phone and from then on your phone is just waiting for you to post. But remember, it only understands English, so you'll need to give the outlet an English name.

So the potential is there, the range of functions is very wide, I've only mentioned a few above that would work for me at home. You may have many more ideas of what you would use it for at home. The price of the smart connector is now only 7.990 Ft at the xiaomishop.hu in their online shop, in their rebate offer.

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