Mi Electric Scooter Essential TEST

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The most affordable model in Xiaomi's 2020 scooter range has arrived, with video test you can also view.

During the test, I want to say under the sole of my shoe Mi Electric Scooter Essential was.

The new model inherits some of the features of the Pro, fresh with design has been provided, developed KERS (energy recovery system), improved wheel defect resistance, the Security and a bunch of super News from they packed in more.

On the other hand, they restrained the performance, and decreased the range compared to previous models, but this has not caused me any particular grief in use. It got me from "Hencida to Boncida" with ease.

With this configuration, it has turned out to be a youthful device ideal for beginner scooters.

Thank you very much for the test device Xiaomishop webshop, where you can buy the scooter!




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