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Two days before the opening of this year's Mobile World Congress, today, Saturday 24.02.2018, the official Mi Store opened in Barcelona.

Xiang Wang personally visited and opened the third official Mi store in Spain. Xiaomi's Vice President and Global Market Leader personally welcomed the fans who had been eagerly waiting for days to promote Xiaomi and boost the first day's sales.

Again, the most popular products were phones, with the Xiaomi Mi A1 and Redmi 5 Plus leading the way.

The opening was packed with people and some Spanish fans were able to camp outside the store to be among the first to enter when it opened. This was almost exclusive to Apple products, but the craze seems to have spread to Xiaomi fans.

The staff at the Mi Store in Barcelona are well-trained fans and coped well with the huge crowds. Congratulations and good luck!

By Monday, even those who have never heard of Xiaomi, or who have just chineseized it and prefer to vote for a chewed apple, will know the brand :) Next week, some interesting things will be revealed in Barcelona, we are very excited! We'll try to keep you updated, so stay tuned and follow our pages!

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