MediaTek CEO Zhu Shangzu joins Xiaomi as investment partner

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MediaTek CEO Zhu Shangzu has left the Taiwanese chipmaker for Xiaomi. The announcement was made today by Xiaomi's CEO, Xiaomi CEO made.

Zhu Shangzu's new position will be as a partner in Xiaomi's start-up investment arm, which includes talents such as Sun Changxu and Pan Jiu Tang.

During his time at MediaTek, Zhu Shangzu helped establish a strategic partnership between the semiconductor company and Xiaomi. It is believed that his leadership skills and connections in the tech industry will help Xiaomi in future investments.

Xiaomi's investment company comprises around 200 companies involved in hardware manufacturing, mobile payments and mobile content development. In May this year, it set up a $12 billion joint fund with Hubei Changjiang Industrial Fund.

Zhu Shangzu graduated from Hsinchu Jiaotong University in Taiwan with a bachelor's degree and master's degree. He joined MediaTek in 1999 as the head of Digital Consumer Electronics and Digital Camera Business. He played an important role in helping MediaTek become the world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer when he decided to join the business in 2010.

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