Xiaomi has reportedly signed a deal with Samsung to buy 6″ OLED displays for one of its 2018 flagship devices!

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Last year, Xiaomi launched the Mi Note 2 phone with a rounded OLED display and some speculate that this year will see an increase in demand for flexible OLED displays. The launch of the Mi Mix and Mi Note 2 have contributed greatly to the demand for bezel-less displays and it seems that this technology will once again be the focus in Xiaomi's next flagship phone.

According to a South Korean media report, Xiaomi has signed an agreement with Samsung Display (SDI) to supply OLED panels for its 2018 flagship, and it is also claimed that Samsung Display, part of the conglomerate, will supply Xiaomi with rigid OLED panels measuring 6.01 inches. The first batch of around 1 million units will be shipped in December this year, while the next batch of 2.2 million units will be shipped next month (January 2018).

The report also said that due to delays in LG's manufacturing plans, Xiaomi's plans to use LG's sophisticated OLED panels have been scuppered. It was LG that supplied the OLEDs used in the Mi Note 2, which were 5.49-inch flexible OLED panels. Unfortunately, the construction of LG Display's new plant planned for mass production was not ready in time and production may only start in August. The flexible OLED display does not allow the phone to be flexible, as there is still the rigid frame and the touch and glass above the display. Of course, it could come in handy if the display components are separate and only the glass needs to be replaced in case of a fall. In addition to flexibility, LG has had trouble raising the resolution of its displays from FHD to QHD.

Xiaomi will stick to its routine and the Mi7 will be the first top device of 2018, but it's not even certain that it plans to include rigid OLED displays in the flagship, as the image quality of the technology is not up to expectations. With more models like the Mi Note 3 launch just around the corner, there's no way it won't come with a rounded front like its predecessor and the Redmi Pro 2 will also get an in-market display.

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