There will be no more MIUI9 weekly updates for some phones.

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Xiaomi has always had a good reputation for software support, with updates coming steadily over many years. Xiaomi has gone well beyond the standard line of usually 18-monthly updates practiced by other Android manufacturers. In one example, the latest MIUI 9 brings Android Nougat to devices that originally came with Jelly Bean, like the Xiaomi Mi 2s. Remember the five-year-old version of Android?

Mi2s... yes then it was a legend among those who weren't blinded by the huge cloud of Samsung-Sony-LG-HTC-Apple and were able to take on a strikingly sought-after device from an unknown Chinese manufacturer.

But as the as we wrote in our last post, support for older phones has been completely removed. So, weekly support for phones released before 2015 has been discontinued, leaving room for improvements and optimisation of the MIUI system for new devices. Of course, this is not just for the Chinese ruin, which is the basis for the ruin, popular with European fans, and the most popular MIUIHU ruin in our country, but also for the Global will also cease.

You could say an era is coming to an end. We are a little sad, a little happy, because the future will always be better, and developers can devote more energy and time to improving the devices of today.

The devices in question are, Xiaomi Mi 2, Mi 2S, Redmi Note 4G, Mi 4i, Redmi 2, Redmi 2 Prime and Mi Note will receive the latest Stable MIUI9 update later this year to provide the best user experience for those who continue to use these wonders or for those who are new to the most prominent brand of the era.

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