The Xiaomi 12S series has arrived!

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Ma délután végre megjött az új Xiaomi 12S sorozat, amelyet a Xiaomi, a Leica-val karöltve alkotott meg. Mármint a kamera részét, a többit a jó öreg Xiaomi 12 sorozatból emelték át. A dizájn és a méret maradt, a belső pedig merőben más. De az Ultra… na az nem semmi!!!

Xiaomi 12S

The design, as I said, hasn't changed much, the same layout at the back as the predecessor. But the main camera has improved a lot, with a Sony IMX707 sensor, currently the second best in Sony's range. But I'd even venture to say that it's better than Samsung's gadgets. Especially since Leica adds the technology to turn light into digital images.

  • 50-megapixel wide-angle main camera: Sony IMX707丨1/1.28″ high-sensitivity battery丨Supports four-in-one 2.44 μm high pixel output.
    Full-pixel 8-core focusing 丨 Supports OIS optical image stabilisation 丨 7P lens 丨 F/1.9 large aperture 丨 Equivalent to a 24mm focal length lens

Emellé kapott egy 13 Mp-es ultraszéles látőszögű kamerát, amit eddig is megszokhattunk és egy 5 MP-es makró egységet. Ezek már csak a szokásosak. A kijelzője pont ugyan az, mint az elődök, ugyan az a kiváló minőségű FHD+ 6.28″ Samsung AMOLED.

But the big bang in the series comes after that, and that's the processor. All members of the Xiaomi 12S family get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip. Compared to its predecessor, it has a 10% increase in CPU and GPU performance, but a 33% decrease in power consumption. So it's even faster, smoother to run and play all games, and it's also less hot and consumes less power.


An interesting new feature was added to the presentation of the phones, namely the battery tests. Xiaomi introduced a new metric called the DOU battery life test. It's Xiaomi's own series of tests that emulate an average day of use to see how long a phone will last on a given battery. For the Xiaomi 12S, that number is 1.24 days with a 4,500 mAh battery. Let's get used to it, because that's how it's labelled from now on. For example, the Xiaomi 12 with the same battery, 1.07 days!

Xiaomi 12S Pro

The Xiaomi 12S Pro is based on the plain 12S, with a little bit of a pimp. The biggest difference is the screen. The Xiaomi 12S Pro has an outstanding screen, bigger, prettier, more colourful, smellier.

  • 6.73-inch 2K super-view screen, Type: AMOLED slightly curved flexible screen, Resolution: 3200 x 1440, Display refresh rate: up to 120 Hz, Touch sampling rate: up to 240 Hz, Colour gamut: supports DCI-P3 colour gamut, Peak brightness: 1500 nit
  • Primary colour screen (deltaE≈0.33 JNCD≈0.34)|Daylight screen|10bit|Classic eye protection/paper eye protection|360° light sensor|Truetone | Low flicker mode | Ultra-thin fingerprint reader under screen|Dark light release|Pulse detection | Contrast ratio 8.000,000:1丨HDR10+丨Dolby Vision | Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus TM

A brilliant 2K screen with fantastic features. 1-120 Hz adaptive image refreshing really cuts battery usage. Oh yeah, that's why the Pro is also a Pro, with a bigger 4,600 mAh battery and 120 W fast charging. And that's with a DOU test of 1.22 days. Plus 50 W wireless and 10 W reverse charge. The main camera is the same, Sony IMX707, but! The rest is also 50 MP, and a portrait one at that, with 2x optical zoom, 5P lens, 50mm equivalent focal length, f/1.9 aperture. The other is 50 MP, 115º ultra-wide angle of view, 14mm equivalent focal length, 6P lens, f/2.2 aperture.

That's a hell of a way to go! This is a brutally good camera trio, but it doesn't end there!

Xiaomi 12S Ultra

And here is the PHONE! All capital letters! The Xiaomi 12S Ultra lives up to its name! The design is pretty much what we have seen so far, but the real result is AWESOME! The black leather effect back, the black camera continent and in the middle of a 23 carat frame the sensor trio. Very Leica!

You'd think the magic would be under the centre lens, but it's not. The image sensor of the Sony IMX989 is located under the top lens. Weird. But it's currently the best sensor in the world.

  • 50 MP, 1-inch external professional main camera with Sony IMX989, 23 mm equivalent focal length, 1-inch sensor, 3.2 μm four-in-one pixel, 8P lens, f/1.9 aperture, OIS optical image stabilization, Octa-PD phase focus

Advanced optical technology gives Leica's main camera particularly professional capabilities, making light and shadow history. In your shared narrative, this substitution gives people a different sense of power.

The 8P ALD ultra low glare professional coating reduces glare and reduces fake products.

Very high quality, never seen before. Of course, there will be no DXOMark test, but let's hope China will be there to really see what Sony's newest release can do. But it's not just this one, it also has a 48 MP ultra-wide-angle camera in the middle, 128º FOV, 13 mm equivalent focal length, f/2.2 aperture, AF and other goodies.


On the side is a periscope lens with a 120 mm equivalent focal length, 1/2-inch external mount, f/4.1 aperture, OIS optical image stabilisation and Zoom EIS image stabilisation.

The screen of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is the same as the Pro version, but it has a bigger battery, so it lasts longer than the other two. Its 4,860 mAh battery lasts for 1.24 days according to the DOU test. It's got a brand new Xiaomi G1 charging chip, which only charges at 67W, but it's at 100% in 15 minutes. They also provide 50 W wireless charging and 10 W reverse charging for the phone.

Prices in China

Xiaomi 12S

  • 8/128 GB – 3.999 Jüan ~ 230.000 Ft
  • 8/256 GB – 4.299 Jüan ~ 247.600 Ft
  • 12/256 GB – 4.699 Jüan ~ 270.700 Ft
  • 12/512 GB – 5.199 Jüan ~ 299.500 Ft

Xiaomi 12S Pro

  • 8/128 GB – 4.699 Jüan ~ 270.700 Ft
  • 8/256 GB – 4.999 Jüan ~ 287.900 Ft
  • 12/256 GB – 5.399 Jüan ~ 311..000 Ft
  • 12/512 GB – 5.899 Jüan ~ 339.800 Ft

Xiaomi 12S Ultra

  • 8/256 GB – 5.999 Jüan ~ 345.600 Ft
  • 12/256 GB – 6.499 Jüan ~ 374.400 Ft
  • 12/512 GB – 6.999 Jüan ~ 403.200 Ft

Amíg nem kapunk hírt a Xiaomi 12S sorozat globális megjelenéséről, addig csak a vidéki webáruházak kínálatában lehet majd felfedezni. Kicsit körbenézve az Ultra már fent van, 1.618 € ~ 651.000 Ft áron…

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