Smart home - Mi Home app and accessories - part two

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The Xiaomi Smart Home starter kit is already described in a previous article, and now the Mi Home app and accessories, which control all your smart home devices, are being translated. The Mi Home app is available to everyone on Play Store in English. Accessories downloaded by the Mi Home app are mostly available in Chinese or, better, English only. This will remain the case until official distribution starts in Europe, not only for the starter kit, but for all accessories. Hungarian will only be officially included when it is released in our country.

But! Here we have the MIUI Hungary team, who have been providing Xiaomi fans with translations in Hungarian for four years now, not only for the phones, but also for other Xiaomi devices and accessories. Now they have started translating the Mi Home app and the additional Plug-in apps. You can find the full project, add-ons and help on the MIUI Hungary forum CLICK HERE!


Before installing the Magyar Mi Home app, you must uninstall all previous versions for it to work properly. To download the latest version, you can download it from the forum by clicking on the link above, the latest Mi home and plug-in apk file will always be posted there. Download and install it and on the first boot and Choose China as your region, because only then will all the tools be visible!!! Nothing has changed in its use, we just understand what the app wants and how to use it (for those who don't know so much or any English). When connecting our device - which should always be Gateway first - Mi Home downloads the additional app for it, which of course remains English/Chinese. Then all you have to do is download the appropriate apk file from the forum and replace it with the one on your phone. There are currently 6 add-ons ready to be localised, but the community is already investing a lot of effort to make sure that everyone at home can use their favourite Xiaomi smart home add-on in their native language.

  • Gateway
  • Robotic vacuum cleaner
  • MiJia kettle
  • What is fan
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Smart Socket (socket one)

Once you have downloaded the appropriate plug-in, all you have to do is copy it into place, overwriting the English/Chinese plug-in downloaded by Mi Home. Copy the apk file downloaded from the forum into the internal storage plugin/mpk/install/XXX folder, where XXX is the serial number of the plug-in:

  • Gateway - 108
  • Robot vacuum cleaner - 134
  • MiJia kettle - 208
  • Mi fan - 281

You can do it with the built-in File Manager, or any one you like, no tricks, no ROOT, no nothing. Just copy it to the right place, overwriting the factory one. When you're done with that, use the Task Manager (left physical button) to close the Mi Home app and start it again. At this point the English add-on will be working and understandable.

Robotic vacuum cleaner


Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Smart Socket (socket one)

MiJia Kettle

SmartMi DC Fan

You can get involved in translating the accessories, as the team doesn't have all the tools to translate and test them, so we need the power and determination of the community to make the Xiaomi experience better in our country together! Come join us and help make our homes smarter!

In the next section, we will cover how to set up and use the Gateway, or central unit! Follow us on Facebook or let your browser notify you of new news so you don't miss anything!

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