Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 goes on global sale in India

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The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 launch in India ended a few hours ago, marking the first stage of global sales. The announcement took place in New Delhi, as India is Xiaomi's second largest market. Sales outside of China, that's where the global launches will start and from here we can expect further official launches. The Mi Mix 2 phone is the first Xiaomi smartphone to be able to use all the frequencies in the world including of course our country's most infamous 800mHz, B20 frequency.

In India, the recently re-established official Flipkart online store offers Xiaomi products and, of course, the Mi Store off-line stores run by Mi.com will also stock officially registered products.

Officially in India, the Mi Mix 2 will be available only from October 17 for 35,999 Indian rupees, which is roughly 145,500 forints. For this amount, you can get the 6/128GB, gold-plated variant. Isn't that a good price for it?

Xiaomi in India is not breaking with tradition, comparing all its top devices to the best from the big manufacturers, highlighting what makes a Xiaomi phone better than the competition.

We are looking forward to further developments on how and when Xiaomi will finally arrive in our country. We can only hope that it will not only be an official supplier, but also a representative office, which will bring with it a shop where we can admire Xiaomi's achievements up close!

Stay tuned, watch the news, we'll deliver your daily brain food right away!

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