[IMAGE] Xiaomi's self-driving car has been debunked

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Although this year quite a lot of information camethat Xiaomi is developing the software for its self-driving car, the Xiaomi car itself is still only on the drawing board. Before releasing hardware, you have to build usable software. It seems that this process has already started, with the Xiaomi self-driving car being busted in China.

Xiaomi's self-driving car

"LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is basically a method of determining the distance between an emitting device and a reflecting surface. If we want to determine the position of objects with large surfaces or of the whole environment, ground surface or interior spaces, we perform a very large number of LiDAR distance measurements at very high speeds with a specially designed instrument according to a spatial pattern, a process called laser scanning. LiDAR is therefore an active remote sensing system with its own signal source. Unlike radar, LIDAR operates in the ultraviolet, visible or infrared range. The principle of its operation can vary depending on the expected distance between the instrument and the object (less than a metre, a few tens of metres, or more than 100 m), in one version it is the same as in other electromagnetic-based geodetic measuring stations." - according to Wikipedia

So a car equipped with a LiDAR sensor was caught on camera in China. The Chinese and English inscription on the side of the car reads, "Xiaomi autonomous driving test". So Xiaomi has started testing its self-driving, or autonomous, software. This suggests that software is ready and is already in the testing phase.

Xiaomi's first car is promised to roll off the production line in 2024. They still have 2 years to go, and they have a lot of work to do before then if they want to make the first car self-driving. Are you waiting to see what kind of vehicle or vehicles Xiaomi will come up with? Will it be as popular as its other devices?

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