Introducing the new Live Icons in MIUI9!

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MIUI9 will come with new features and better optimisation than its predecessors. The app closing animation has also been optimised, which we'll show you now!

Live icons

Among the new features will be the new Live Icons. What you need to know about Live Icons is that they are not just images, they are animated icons. So far, only a few system applications have had them in the default themes - weather, calendar, compass, clock. In MIUI9 system icons also move when you close the app, check it out in the video below or animated GIF image.

In the current closed beta are these new animated icons, be patient until the public release! Not all system icons support them yet, but they will try to do them all in the future. Let's take a look at each of these four Live Icons to see how they move:

Click on it to see the animation!

Well? How do you like it? :D

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