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Google expands the list of personal data that can be deleted on request. 

The search engine company has already allowed the deletion of certain data from search results if the user specifically requested it. This was mainly possible for personal data that could lead to financial abuse, such as credit card and bank account information, for which Google could be asked to delete. Now, the company is allowing the deletion of a new set of personal data, including phone number, address and email address.

What aspects to look out for when submitting your application are. Here click here to read more, here and you will find the request for cancellation itself. According to the company, the request will be processed in just a few days and will be automatically executed if it meets the requirements.

Malicious acts involving personal data are a serious problem, with more and more cases of people searching for someone's personal data online and publishing it, for example by giving out their phone number or address. Recently, Meta has also decided to does not authorise stop sharing private addresses on Facebook and Instagram, as they can pose serious security risks.

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