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Xiaomi recently introduced a useful and simple smartphone accessory that is essential for anyone who wants to take selfies or vlog. A Yue LED round lamp is specifically designed for selfies and live mobile video. How is it different from the dozens of similar, no-name gadgets on the web? "Because Xiaomi!" - you might say. Yes, the Xiaomi the guarantee of quality and durability. The design of the lamp, the quality of the materials used, the quality of the LED, and the durable battery are what probably put it far above the competition. No fancy lacquer plastic, or jack socket torture. No cold or warm colour temperatures, just 5000 Kelvin for the perfect natural light effect.
An IKEA design, with a white matt finish, symmetrical LED layout, a sturdy clip-on top (not so strong that it will break the display glass). You charge it up before use, then when you need it, you take it out of your pocket, it charges in one motion, turns on with another press of a button, it's ready to use. The design is drip-proof, so it won't get wet in drizzly rain, but it can't be used under water.
Why is the circular layout good? You've probably seen professional studio photos and clips. Many use circular lighting mounted around the lens. As well as providing perfectly even, shadow-free lighting, this also produces a nice circular eye flare (only noticeable in close-up photos because of the diffuser). For close-up selfies, you get a much nicer, healthier (shinier) result. Here, we have a much smaller size, so the ring-shaped illumination is mostly concentrated on the shape of the head and its immediate surroundings.
There is also the diffused (frosted glass) ballast, which diffuses and softens the light perfectly. This way, your entire head will be evenly illuminated, hiding all the shadowy little folds.
Since Xiaomi first introduced a smartphone with a front-facing LED flash in 2017, this little device will be a useful addition for those who don't already own one of the 2-3 Redmi models. The flashlight can also be used on its own, so it can also serve as a flashlight when you don't have anything else handy.

Now we come to the material. The product is so fresh that I have not yet found it in any online shop. Whether it will later get the Mijia prefix is unknown. All I know for sure is that on the official site it is 29 yuan, or roughly 1200 HUF. If I had to guess, it will be available for about $5-6 soon.

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